2017 ILF Membership

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Membership Cards.JPG

2017 ILF Membership

from 15.00

Welcome to the 2017 online ILF membership page.  For 2017 ALL members will have the following benefits:

*ILF membership card
*Supporter exclusive events hosted by OCSC
*Early stadium access
*Discount to ILF vendors.  
*Exclusive access to supporter section ticket allotment for the new downtown stadium.  
*Access to our members only Facebook page in which we will share event, game day and exclusive OCSC information.  
*Our monthly online newsletter so you can keep track of all ILF happenings. 

The ILF is offering two levels of membership:

Premium membership - The premium package comes with the 2017 ILF Scarf, membership card, ILF stickers and coozie.  

Standard membership - The standard membership gets you a membership card and coozie.  

Both memberships get you full benefits as being part of the Iron Lion Firm.  

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