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Even Uncle Phil Loves Our Reporting...

We have been getting compliments left and right from around the planet of our quality reporting with respect to the Neymar transfer rumors to Orlando City.  After our Air Bud and Pele scoops last week, we thought our journalistic credibility had been shot.  Clearly however a sucker, I mean reader is born every minute and our piece on Neymar has reached worldwide readership. 

Thank you for all the ILF shout outs including those from Henry Paulson, George Soros, Carly Fiorina, Greg Kite, Rocky Ross, Rick Ross, Tommy Hilfiger and most importantly to us Phil Rawlins.  Thank you Mr. Rawlins.  All we do is for the kids and Rob Valentino.  You can count on us delivering scoops and continued morsels of thought provoking insight.