Arsene Wenger would be proud...

We in the Iron Lion Firm are outraged.  Simply outraged.  Rarely do we use our website blog to address serious topics but tonight is such an evening.  

Major League Soccer apparently sent out a gentleman from MLSHQ to film the ILF today to make sure we were on our best behavior.  This gentleman was caught not only filming the Firm at the stadium but also in our tailgate.  Below is a picture captured by one of our top Iron Lion Firm barra brava spies catching the MLS creep at work.  

Outrage does not begin to describe how violated we feel.  We have reports from the ILF tailgate committee as well that this individual had a bacon biscuit and did not donate to the tip jar.  We demand justice and that said MLSHQ creep be stripped of his credentials as about the only thing this weirdo is interested in filming are videos for his own private collection.

Equally as troubling is the enthusiastic young lad happy to see his first girl on girl kiss.  At least guy did not pop out his camera like a voyeur.  He is merely an ogler who can't keep his emotions in check.