Meme's for days...

The internet has been abuzz about our latest blog letting the world know about the iPhone creeper MLS sent to spy on the supporters in the southend of the Citrus Bowl.  Orlando City supporters from around the planet have extended their sympathies and messages of support for the Iron Lion Firm and Ruckus during these troubling times.  Below is a quick sample of the messages we have been receiving.  

Kim Kardashian from L.A. - "I don't get what the big deal is.  Love the camera.  Embrace it.  What you call a peeping voyeur, I call an admirer.  Embrace the attention honey."  Sure thing Kim.  We thank you for the concern and different point of view. 

*Bernie Sanders From New York - "I am very upset and ashamed for Mr. Garber.  This is a consequence of the big Wall Street dollars being poured into American sports.  We will reform Wall Street and reform Major League Soccer!".  We appreciate it Bernie.  I think...

*Kei Kamara from Columbus - "JAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJAJAJAA!"  Fuck you too Kei.  

*Wang Wei
 from Beijing, China - "This is a travesty and gives me recollections of the days leading up to Tiananmen Square protest.  Keep up the good fight ILF."  Thanks Kim.  ILF loves China. 

While we did not find this situation funny or comical in anyway, memes mocking our struggle with Major League Soccer security are running rampant around the interwebs.  Below is a quick example. 

Arsene Wenger would be proud...

We in the Iron Lion Firm are outraged.  Simply outraged.  Rarely do we use our website blog to address serious topics but tonight is such an evening.  

Major League Soccer apparently sent out a gentleman from MLSHQ to film the ILF today to make sure we were on our best behavior.  This gentleman was caught not only filming the Firm at the stadium but also in our tailgate.  Below is a picture captured by one of our top Iron Lion Firm barra brava spies catching the MLS creep at work.  

Outrage does not begin to describe how violated we feel.  We have reports from the ILF tailgate committee as well that this individual had a bacon biscuit and did not donate to the tip jar.  We demand justice and that said MLSHQ creep be stripped of his credentials as about the only thing this weirdo is interested in filming are videos for his own private collection.

Equally as troubling is the enthusiastic young lad happy to see his first girl on girl kiss.  At least guy did not pop out his camera like a voyeur.  He is merely an ogler who can't keep his emotions in check.