You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone


The New York Post, Orlando Sentinel, and former OCSC beat writer Paul Tenorio are all confirming the news that Orlando City has traded center back and 2015 Mr. ILF award winner Aurélien Collin to the New York Red Bulls for a fourth round draft pick. A good MLS player at a position of need, traded for a bag of peanuts. Oh, and word is City will eat $250,000 of Collin's salary. To say this trade is baffling is an understatement. Anyone that knows what the hell is going on at OCSC headquarters please email us at ironlionfirm@gmail.com. Because we sure as fuck can't figure it out. If you need us we will be drowning our sorrows with a bottle of Jack. This one's for you Collin!