Why We're Thankful This Thanksgiving

If you’re anything like me then you absolutely love Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatoes, hanging with family, and watching the Detroit Lions choke away another fourth quarter lead have all become Thanksgiving traditions in my household. Another big tradition which I'm sure most families participate in is going around the table at Thanksgiving dinner and saying what you are thankful for. This year, I thought I'd do something different and post my thoughts here for the entire world to see as Orlando City has given me a lot to be thankful for.

For starters, I'm thankful for the friends and family members that Orlando City and the Iron Lion Firm have brought me. I have met so many wonderful people because of this club and I am proud to call a lot of them family. I cherish all of the good times we have had over the years and look forward to making even more memories in the years to come.

I'm also thankful for all the lessons in stress management than I have learned watching Orlando City play this year. I could write a book with all of the different techniques I've learned. Breathing exercises, stress balls, punching things. You name it, I've tried it. Seriously, if not for all of the different stress relief methods I looked up after yet another Orlando City draw (14 draws! Really?!?! Are you kidding me OC?!?! You turned how many victories into draws this year??? I couldn't even count them by the end of the year. Winning just one of those draws would've put you in the playoffs! I'm getting stressed out just typing this sentence.....Wooosahh. Wooosahh. Ok, I'm better now.) I'm pretty sure I would've had a heart attack. So thank you Orlando City for forcing me to learn techniques which will make watching matches easier, improve my health, and that I can use in everyday life. 

Orlando City players, coaches, and staff all have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season as well. The club will be holding their annual holiday party later this week and I got a sneak peek  at the speeches select players and staff members will be giving. Allow me to give you just a sampling of their speeches below.

Brek Shea is thankful he still has a job and is able to pay his tab at Bullit Bar and buy art supplies for his next big project.

Kaka is thankful he got LeBron James' number at the last Cavs-Magic game and can now text him for advice on leadership and how to win.

Joe Bendik is thankful his back line was so awful that it allowed him to win MLS Save of the Week 11 times and run away with MLS Save of the Year.

Kevin Molino's happy he plays for Trinidad and Tobago and still has a shot at the World Cup.

Adrian Heath is thankful the club let him go so he doesn't have to deal with this mess anymore and can now move on to a better job in Minnesota. 

There's been lots to be thankful for this year. Leave a comment on what you're thankful for this holiday season. Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving and Go City!

What do Barra Brava's Eat for Thanksgiving?

As thanksgiving is around the corner, one might ask themselves what do true barra brava's like to eat for thanksgiving?  We will answer that question today. 

1.  Turkey - What kind of barra brava doesn't like to stuff their mouth with some good turkey?  I will tell you, a poser.  No true barra brava is a vegetarian or vegan.  Barra brava's all love booze, cigarettes, illegal shit and meat.  Show me a barra brava that doesn't like turkey and I will point your way to Columbus or Tampa. 

2.  Roasted Potatoes - True barra brava's keep it simple.  No over the top fancy stuff or sides.   Potatoes are filling, affordable and delicious.  An ultra is perfectly happy with roasted potatoes to compliment the turkey.  

3.  Cornbread - Orlando City is a club that for the moment represents the entire southeast region of the United States.  As representatives of our region, ILF barra brava's eat corn bread.  Being in the deep south, you learn quickly to eat things like grits, turnip greens, sweet potatoes and pan-fried chicken.  Few food items however are as representative our our region than cornbread.  Barra brava's are proud of where they are from and what they represent.  Down here we eat corn bread.  

4.  Biscuits - True barra brava's like carbs and have a belly.  You don't get a belly by eating vegetables and healthy.  You get a healthy belly by eating biscuits with lots of butter on top to accompany the turkey down your gullet.  Respect to all overweight barra brava's.


5. Purple Cauliflower - ILF barra brava's hate vegetables but they love the color purple.  Perhaps the tastiest of purple vegetables is purple cauliflower.  Purple cauliflower can be eaten raw or roasted with garlic as shown by our friends at spiceyfoodie.com (http://www.spiciefoodie.com/2013/07/19/garlicky-oven-roasted-purple-cauliflower-with-a-splash-of-lemon-juice/).  For those of you that have not tried this tasty delicacy, we encourage you to do so.  

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family from the Iron Lion Firm.