Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel takes time off in Orlando bars.

Anyone who follows the NFL, even in a casual manner, knows that Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel has gone through rehab treatment for his drinking problem earlier this year. ILF does not think that’s a problem, but apparently the Browns do. After being released from rehab a few hours outside of The Forest City, he felt a “changed man”

Apparently the 2-9 NFL season has just been too much for the former Texas A&M man, as it has come to our knowledge that several ILF members have spotted Manziel in downtown Orlando at common watering holes in recent weeks. 

One member even bumped into Johnny Football at Latitudes on Church Street. He immediately recognized the purple attire and commented on our support. “I’ve caught a few Orlando games on TV. Wish the Browns could bring the noise like you guys in the Iron Lion Firm do.” Out of gratitude, our member bought Manziel a shot of whiskey and they went their separate ways.  Later that night another unnamed member saw Johnny Football coming out of the bathroom at Tier Nightclub putting a rolled up hundred dollar bill in his front pocket and seemingly very hyper.  True ultras know whats up.  Respect.    

We would like to thank Johnny Manziel for the support of our club and welcome him back to downtown Orlando anytime to have some cold one's with the firm.