Orlando City 4 - LA Galaxy 0: Where Are They Now?

Almost two years ago the LA Galaxy rolled into town as the 2014 MLS champions. I remembered this day well surprisingly as I had started drinking early in the day for the EPL matches and a few of my mates had birthday's that weekend. We had lost 3 out of last 4 matches going into the Galaxy match and hadn't won a home match that season so many of us expected the worst. What would end up happening however was something we'd all remember for a long long time.

So almost two years later, where are they now?

Tally Hall:
A fan favorite during the 2015 Orlando City season, Tally went from saving our butts throughout the course of the season to kicking butts all around Orlando as part of the Orlando Police Department. When he's not fighting crime, he can be seen hanging outside Valhalla Bakery with a Churro doughnut in hand.

Rafael Ramos:

Still an Orlando City player, Ramos has yet to fulfill his potential at right back. Injuries and red cards have derailed the once promising player from Benfica. Though still only 22, Ramos needs to prove he can stay healthy and worry less about taking selfies at Sea World.

Seb Hines:

Easily one of the most scrutinized players Orlando City has had in the last few years. A prime target for memes and trolls on Twitter with Kermit the Frog as their avatar, Seb Hines has since been replaced by the likes of Spector, Aja and Redding. I have to admit, I actually forgot he was still an Orlando City player.

Sean St. Ledger:

Sorry I got to do it, LOL. Sean St. Ledger's stay in Orlando was short lived and I honestly have no idea what he's doing nowadays nor do I really care to Google it. After starting against the Galaxy, St. Ledger lasted roughly two more months with Orlando City before not making the flight back from New York after a 5-3 defeat against NYCFC. 

Luke Boden:

Oh Luke, why? A fan favorite for many years going back to the USL days. Bodz was released after the 2016 Orlando City season as he struggled to keep up with the pace of the MLS. He unfortunately went on to sign for some shitty club, has changed barbers and now has a crappy hairdo. 

Cristian Higuita:

The Colombian midfielder is still around and a vital part of Jason Kreis's squad. Do I expect him to be here for another two years? Probably not. Higuita has a fairly high ceiling and if he can work on his temper and avoiding cards, we could see him part ways with Orlando City in the not so distant future.

Darwin Ceren:

After the match was already locked up, Ceren decided to add on to the goal tally with the 4th and final goal of the stomping. Since then Ceren was traded for Matias Perez Garcia who has been an absolute beast since coming to Orlando and getting regular minutes. One of the better transactions in Orlando City history I'd say. 

Eric Avila:

Avila scored 1 of the 4 goals on this day and since then his career has went down the drain and by that I mean he plays for Tampa nowadays. 


Currently recovering from an injury suffered on the first match of the 2017 season, Kaka has had numerous stints on the injury list since that day in 2015. Kaka however did provide one of the more memorable moments in Orlando City MLS history when he scored a 56th minute penalty kick and ran to the bench to collect a Kevin Molino jersey who was injured two weeks prior. It was nice sign of respect for a player he'd only befriended a few months prior.

Brek Shea:

Brek never lived up to the hype during his days in Orlando. Besides schooling a NYCFC player on opening day in 2015 and a rocket goal in 2016 against Portland, Brek didn't do a whole lot. Before the 2017 season, Shea was traded to Vancouver in exchange for Giles Barnes who in his short time in Orlando has become a fan favorite for his hustle and heart. Something Brek Shea never seemed to have. 

Cyle Larin:

Dat Guy produced the 2nd goal of the match and would later go on to break the MLS Rookie Goal Record. While frustrating at times when he seems disinterested, no one can debate that he has an eye for goal. So far in 2017 he has scored 3 goals in 4 matches and has been a very important part of the attack for Orlando City. Though it's not a given that Larin is here in the long run, we can only hope he keeps banging in the goals. 




Orlando City v. NYRB: Match Recap

Your #1 most trusted Orlando City blog is back with another banger bringing you a recap of Orlando City's win over that team named after a subpar energy drink.  


Playoffs? Playoffs?! 

Yes this was only the fourth match of the season but the Lions are roughly a quarter of the way to the point tally (41) they achieved in 2016 in which they missed the playoffs by 1 point. There are still plenty of matches to be played but with the game in hand against New England in the fall, Kaka returning in the next month or so this team needs to have their eyes set on playoffs and nothing else. Plus I just like saying "Playoffs? Playoffs?" in my best Jim Mora voice. 

Spectors Back Pocket: 

Many are already calling him our best signing of the season and while I personally would give that to Will Johnson, I can't doubt how brilliant Jonathan Spector has been for us in his short time in Orlando. Guys like Kaka, Rivas and Barnes will get you on your feet but Spector is the type of player you'd let your daughter go on a date with and have home by 9. The man literally clears everything in the box, if an asteroid was plummeting to Earth I'd feel confident that Spector would clear it. The best part about Spector is that he's made everyone on his line seemably better. Guys like Jose Aja and Tommy Redding have looked class when paired with him and I'm sure Bendik will be sending him a nice Christmas card later this year.

Rivas Island: 

Frustrating at times? Yes. Capable of moments of brilliance? Hell yes. During warm ups Rivas was seen launching balls 20 stories high and all the way to Orange Avenue but once the match kicked off Rivas put on a wonderful display of skill that had many in the stadium drooling and European clubs ready to open their pocketbooks. There's days when Rivas is on his game and he's the most talented player on the pitch and there's also days when he's the most frustrating player and you want to punch yourself in the face. Turning 23 later this week, Rivas still has time to work on his shot and when that day comes watch out, boys and girls.

New Faces: 

Six Lions players were involved in the match yesterday that weren't here at the end of the 2016 season. This team is quickly being molded to Jason Kreis's vision and early results are proving that. Toia has thrived at left back, a position that's been a revolving door the past two seasons. Spector and Will Johnson have provided coverage for Bendik that he's long deserved. Early showings from Scott Sutter and Luis Gil are good, while Giles Barnes has brought a new energy and passion to the attack that Orlando City has needed. Again, we're only 4 matches into the season and there's still a high possibility that the shit hits the fan in the upcoming summer months but there's definitely a different feeling about this squad.

Next Up:

The LA Galaxy roll into town next Saturday for a sold out showdown in Orlando. Last time LA came to town, we opened a can of whoop ass with a 4-0 victory at the Citrus Bowl in 2015. Losing 3 of their first 5 matches sounds nice and all but clubs in the past have loved coming to Orlando in bad form and turning up against us. Things feel different in Orlando nowadays and my gut tells me we can add another 3 points to our tally on Saturday.


Vamos Orlando! 





Orlando City SC on verge of signing Center back, Jesús Idnumag.

The Orlando Sentinel reported earlier that Orlando City were close to signing a desperately needed Centerback from a first-division league in Europe. Since that news broke, we have reached out to numerous sources within the organization as well utilized the services of Alvarado & Fox Private Investigations to discover who this new signing might be. We can now say with 100% confidence that Orlando City SC will be signing Jesús Idnumag from PSV in the Dutch Football League. If you're pulling up FIFA17 to find out Idnumag's stats we already have you covered. Idnumag is rated a 77 in FIFA17 with a 72 Pace, 70 Shot, 81 Pass, 76 Dribble, 87 Defense and 73 Physical. Idnumag has been a highly sought after centerback since his days in the River Plate academy. Known for taking smoke breaks and drinking Corona's while his team is up field, Idnumag has come under a lot of scrutiny for his playing style but we here at ILF are already big fans. We are very much looking forward to seeing Jesús Idnumag debut his skills at centerback in our new stadium in 2017!



Halloween Costume Ideas: Orlando City Edition

Halloween is right around the corner, folks. What better way to show up to a Halloween party than as your favorite Orlando City player? We've got you covered with our best 7 Orlando City costume ideas! 


Joe Bendik - Brick Wall 

Donald Trump wish he had a wall like Bendik. Capable of magnificent saves and let's face it the guys jaw looks like it's made of brick. Joe Bendik is a bad hombre that we'd like to keep.  

Brek Shea - Brek Shea 

Lets face it, Brek is already pretty weird and a Brek Shea costume would speak for itself. Odd looking hair and questionable Instagram posts, this costume would sure get a lot of looks at whatever booze fest you attend. 

David Mateos - A Tree 

Self explanatory and not the good type of tree. Fair warning though, people will probably try to use you as a coat rack at your costume party.

Rafael Ramos - Daniel Sturridge 

Capable of moments of brilliance but spends most of their time in a ER wing? Yep. Don't try anything fancy at your Halloween party or you might end up injured for 6-8 weeks. Please take lots of selfies though. 

 Matias Perez Garcia - AntMan 

Roughly the same height, MPG packs a punch when he's on the pitch. Ceren who? Amiright? 

 Kaka - Mr. Smithers from The Simpsons

Come on now, Ricky is swimming in the dough. Both are worth boat loads of money and capable of getting people fired from their job. :) 

Carlos Rivas - Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks

Fastest kid alive but can't seem to finish? This costume will make sure that you get drunk the quickest but you'll end up going home by yourself at the end of the night. 



Happy Halloween & Vamos Orlando! 

OCSC v. SKC: Get 3 Points Or Die Tryin'

   I'll admit there was like a 0.00001% chance of me writing this weeks match preview or in layman's terms the same chance the Philadelphia Eagles have of winning a Super Bowl this year, as I've been slowly dying in bed the last few days. Nevertheless your boy is back with the one and only Orlando City preview that matters. I'm currently writing this piece in the corner of a dark room with a single lit candle slowly withering away but without further ado I bring you the match preview for your Orlando City Lions versus Sporting Kansas City.


Larin v. Some Guy Named Dom:

Two of the leagues most lethal strikers go head to head on Sunday as Cyle and Mr. Leroux face off. Both forwards go into this match with 4 goals thus far this season with Dom playing 4 more games than our homie, Larin. Larin has been in poor form as of late after scoring 3 in his first 3 matches which somehow coincides with the signing of Julio Baptista. All you people that were saying Baptista would be a good mentor for the young Canadian, what exactly is he teaching him? I'll just keep sipping my tea. Anyways, let's hope Dat Guy can return to his scoring ways on Sunday. 

The Brek Dilemma:

I've gone on record for some time now and said that Brek Shea is not a LB or a LWB like some of the American Outlaw nerds fantasize him as. With a defense that's already been in shambles this season, moving Brek from left wing to left back has proved time in and time out to be a mistake. Yes even after his binge drinking at the golf course with his mates, Brek still has one of the highest motor's on this squad. Doesn't mean he belong's at left back, if anything he belongs more up field and can be asked to track back when need be. The Bodz/Shea combination was actually pretty successful last year but Boden has been an after thought this season. Don't worry Flavio, I'm currently scouting out Brazilian left backs from the 1998 World Cup for you to sign.  

It Was All Good A Week Ago:

Last week we were sitting pretty in 4th place in the East after our draw with the Red Bulls but all wasn't fine and dandy. The difference between 4th place and 9th place was roughly 3 points and any set of results could flip that upside down. As of 9am this morning we sit in 7th place, though we've played the least amount of matches in the league we could see ourselves drop down to 9th place if we don't pick up at least 3 points this afternoon. I don't care if it's legal, by all means get 3 points. 

Carrasco Homecoming:

Eh, who cares.

Nerd Alert:

You ever wondered what a mixture of Comic-Con and a Magic the Gathering convention looked like? I introduce you to The Cauldron. Known for their love of the TV cameras, singing "I Believe" 213 times a match and horrible banter in the Twitter universe. Cauldron almost make American Outlaws look like Ultra's from a 3rd division league in Croatia, I said ALMOST. While I've been writing this, the ILF on Tour boys have been stealing your chicks and drinking your beers. Have a nice day.


I'm honestly not going into this match with any high expectations, I'm thinking a 2-2 draw sounds about right however. Sporting Kansas City aren't off to the best start this season so they could be ripe for the picking, I'll be okay with a draw but if we can take 3 points from those bozo's I'll be through the roof. Lastly, enjoy the match and pour out a beer for your boy while I'm dying in bed. Shout out to them ILF on Tour boys!

I'm out!

Vamos Orlando!