Ranking the 5 American Professional Drafts

Ahead of the MLS SuperDraft today, we rank the top American Sports collegiate drafts.  Why are we doing this?  Well it is because we have a hot take and it is still the off season.  Bottomline, we are incredibly bored.  

1.  The NFL Draft - The NFL is terribly violent and the average team has a higher turnover ratio of players than Orlando City in an off season.  As a result of this NFL draftees are likely to see immediate playing time and have a much higher likelihood of having an impact than collegiate athletes making the move to be professionals in other sports.  The NFL is also masterful in filling the off season void between the Super Bowl and the NFL draft promoting their up and coming athletes with reality series and combine televised events that add intrigue to the build up of the draft.  Add to the fact that college football is incredibly popular.  Many viewers have a vested interest in the athletes entering the National Football League.  

2.  The NBA Draft - The NBA draft is the only other professional american collegiate draft that garners national attention.  This is directly due to the popularity of basketball and the fact that college basketball is incredibly popular.  Coming off of March Madness, many of the collegiate prospects are household names for sports fans before they even sign with an NBA side.  Like with the NFL, the NBA does a good job building up prospects thru various forms of media so that fans have a vested interest in the players coming into the league. 

3.  The MLB Draft - 3-5 are interchangeable as neither the MLB, NHL or MLS drafts are all that intriguing or compelling of a draft.  The reason for this is that draftees in any of these sports rarely make an immediate impact.  Cyle Larin and Sydney Crosby are the exceptions rather than the rule.  More often than not, it takes time for hockey and MLB prospects to develop and even make the first team.  In MLS, most athletes don't even come from the SuperDraft but from the many other avenues professional soccer players have of entering the MLS.  The MLB draft is compelling because most not only is baseball more popular nationally than soccer and hockey but most MLB players actually do get their start from the baseball draft.  While it may take a while, professional baseball is made up mostly of athletes who got their start in the MLB draft.

4.  The MLS Draft - The MLS draft gets the edge over the NHL draft only because I am bias.  Both drafts are boring.  Lets be honest with one another, the top MLS players do NOT come from the MLS SuperDraft.  Look at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 drafts for example.  Only ONE player drafted in these three seasons has made an all star team (the great Dom Dwyer drafted in 2012 by SKC).  The rest are mostly a collection of bench players and USL/NASL journeymen thru this day working on their shot to make an MLS roster.  We in Orlando were spoiled our first year by the SuperDraft in acquiring Cyle Larin.  A player like Larin is clearly the exception rather than the norm.  He is an anomaly in a draft filled with collegiate soccer players who simply are not of MLS ilk.  The reasons for this are various but not the least of which is the fact that the NCAA collegiate soccer structure sucks and is severely antiquated in need of reform.  

5.  NHL Draft - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  A cure for insomnia is to watch the NHL Entry Draft.  Unless you are Canadian, you likely have not heard of any of the 18-20 year olds who are prospects.  As well, you are not likely to see any of these kids play in the NHL for a number of years as most float around in development leagues while they develop physically and athletically.  If you live in Ottawa or Winnipeg i'm sure you vehemently disagree.  To our Canadian ILF blog readership, my apologies.  

                              Cyle Larin is the MLS SuperDraft exception, not the rule

                              Cyle Larin is the MLS SuperDraft exception, not the rule

Johnny Manziel takes time off in Orlando bars.

Anyone who follows the NFL, even in a casual manner, knows that Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel has gone through rehab treatment for his drinking problem earlier this year. ILF does not think that’s a problem, but apparently the Browns do. After being released from rehab a few hours outside of The Forest City, he felt a “changed man”

Apparently the 2-9 NFL season has just been too much for the former Texas A&M man, as it has come to our knowledge that several ILF members have spotted Manziel in downtown Orlando at common watering holes in recent weeks. 

One member even bumped into Johnny Football at Latitudes on Church Street. He immediately recognized the purple attire and commented on our support. “I’ve caught a few Orlando games on TV. Wish the Browns could bring the noise like you guys in the Iron Lion Firm do.” Out of gratitude, our member bought Manziel a shot of whiskey and they went their separate ways.  Later that night another unnamed member saw Johnny Football coming out of the bathroom at Tier Nightclub putting a rolled up hundred dollar bill in his front pocket and seemingly very hyper.  True ultras know whats up.  Respect.    

We would like to thank Johnny Manziel for the support of our club and welcome him back to downtown Orlando anytime to have some cold one's with the firm.