Orlando City SC on verge of signing Center back, Jesús Idnumag.

The Orlando Sentinel reported earlier that Orlando City were close to signing a desperately needed Centerback from a first-division league in Europe. Since that news broke, we have reached out to numerous sources within the organization as well utilized the services of Alvarado & Fox Private Investigations to discover who this new signing might be. We can now say with 100% confidence that Orlando City SC will be signing Jesús Idnumag from PSV in the Dutch Football League. If you're pulling up FIFA17 to find out Idnumag's stats we already have you covered. Idnumag is rated a 77 in FIFA17 with a 72 Pace, 70 Shot, 81 Pass, 76 Dribble, 87 Defense and 73 Physical. Idnumag has been a highly sought after centerback since his days in the River Plate academy. Known for taking smoke breaks and drinking Corona's while his team is up field, Idnumag has come under a lot of scrutiny for his playing style but we here at ILF are already big fans. We are very much looking forward to seeing Jesús Idnumag debut his skills at centerback in our new stadium in 2017!



Arsene Wenger would be proud...

We in the Iron Lion Firm are outraged.  Simply outraged.  Rarely do we use our website blog to address serious topics but tonight is such an evening.  

Major League Soccer apparently sent out a gentleman from MLSHQ to film the ILF today to make sure we were on our best behavior.  This gentleman was caught not only filming the Firm at the stadium but also in our tailgate.  Below is a picture captured by one of our top Iron Lion Firm barra brava spies catching the MLS creep at work.  

Outrage does not begin to describe how violated we feel.  We have reports from the ILF tailgate committee as well that this individual had a bacon biscuit and did not donate to the tip jar.  We demand justice and that said MLSHQ creep be stripped of his credentials as about the only thing this weirdo is interested in filming are videos for his own private collection.

Equally as troubling is the enthusiastic young lad happy to see his first girl on girl kiss.  At least guy did not pop out his camera like a voyeur.  He is merely an ogler who can't keep his emotions in check.  


Welcome to Orlando, Antonio Nocerino


Orlando City have completed a move with D.C. United for the rights to former AC Milan midfielder Antonio Nocerino with OCSC sealing the deal by merely paying enough allocation money to D.C. United to stop their bitching.

The Italian international made his name in Serie A playing with many clubs including powerhouses Juventus and AC Milan, while one of his universally recognized attributes is the ability to be an affordable gold card in FIFA Ultimate Team year in and year out, helping to round out any Italian squad with great chemistry.

We welcome Nocerino with open arms to the City Beautiful and expect he'll make one hell of an addition as an experienced midfielder and as recently-single Kaká's designated driver.

Nemanja Vidic retires instead of joining D.C. United

      News broke this morning that Serbian international and former Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic was retiring from professional football.  This comes after recent rumors linking the centerback with a move to Major League Soccer, with the defender being assigned to D.C. United.

When asked recently about a possible move to D.C., Vidic had a puzzled look on his face and responded that his agent was currently going over details as "United were interested in bringing him back."  

Confused, the writer inquiring about his status proceeded to show the D.C. United crest and roster to Vidic who then, upon seeing names such as Espindola and Doyle, responded stoically, "I am retiring."

We in the ILF respect Nemanja's decision and extend an open invitation for him to buy us a round of shots at Lizzy's when he finds himself here on holiday. 

BREAKING: Is this Italian midfielder Antonio Nocerino exiting Orlando International Airport?


Rumors have been hot and heavy over the possibility of AC Milan midfielder Antonio Nocerino signing a deal with Major League Soccer, with his likely destination being Orlando City Soccer Club.

A local resident with a keen eye took the following picture.  Is this Nocerino leaving MCO and on his way to potentially hammer out a deal to play amongst our Lions?


No.  This is actor Michael Fassbender leaving LAX in 2015.

We will continue to not provide details on this story as it continues to not unfold.