Welcome to Orlando, Antonio Nocerino


Orlando City have completed a move with D.C. United for the rights to former AC Milan midfielder Antonio Nocerino with OCSC sealing the deal by merely paying enough allocation money to D.C. United to stop their bitching.

The Italian international made his name in Serie A playing with many clubs including powerhouses Juventus and AC Milan, while one of his universally recognized attributes is the ability to be an affordable gold card in FIFA Ultimate Team year in and year out, helping to round out any Italian squad with great chemistry.

We welcome Nocerino with open arms to the City Beautiful and expect he'll make one hell of an addition as an experienced midfielder and as recently-single Kaká's designated driver.

BREAKING: Is this Italian midfielder Antonio Nocerino exiting Orlando International Airport?


Rumors have been hot and heavy over the possibility of AC Milan midfielder Antonio Nocerino signing a deal with Major League Soccer, with his likely destination being Orlando City Soccer Club.

A local resident with a keen eye took the following picture.  Is this Nocerino leaving MCO and on his way to potentially hammer out a deal to play amongst our Lions?


No.  This is actor Michael Fassbender leaving LAX in 2015.

We will continue to not provide details on this story as it continues to not unfold.