Halloween Costume Ideas: Orlando City Edition

Halloween is right around the corner, folks. What better way to show up to a Halloween party than as your favorite Orlando City player? We've got you covered with our best 7 Orlando City costume ideas! 


Joe Bendik - Brick Wall 

Donald Trump wish he had a wall like Bendik. Capable of magnificent saves and let's face it the guys jaw looks like it's made of brick. Joe Bendik is a bad hombre that we'd like to keep.  

Brek Shea - Brek Shea 

Lets face it, Brek is already pretty weird and a Brek Shea costume would speak for itself. Odd looking hair and questionable Instagram posts, this costume would sure get a lot of looks at whatever booze fest you attend. 

David Mateos - A Tree 

Self explanatory and not the good type of tree. Fair warning though, people will probably try to use you as a coat rack at your costume party.

Rafael Ramos - Daniel Sturridge 

Capable of moments of brilliance but spends most of their time in a ER wing? Yep. Don't try anything fancy at your Halloween party or you might end up injured for 6-8 weeks. Please take lots of selfies though. 

 Matias Perez Garcia - AntMan 

Roughly the same height, MPG packs a punch when he's on the pitch. Ceren who? Amiright? 

 Kaka - Mr. Smithers from The Simpsons

Come on now, Ricky is swimming in the dough. Both are worth boat loads of money and capable of getting people fired from their job. :) 

Carlos Rivas - Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks

Fastest kid alive but can't seem to finish? This costume will make sure that you get drunk the quickest but you'll end up going home by yourself at the end of the night. 



Happy Halloween & Vamos Orlando!