An Orlando's City Fan's Christmas Wishlist

Santa sent us this letter he recently received from a young man in Orlando and we have reprinted it here, in it’s entirety, with permission from all parties involved.


“Dear Santa,


This year I have been a very good boy. There are a lot of things that I hope that you might bring me for Christmas this year. I know you are very busy and have to bring presents to lots of boys and girls so I’ll make my list as short as possible.

For starters, I’d really like a new pair of Sambas, purple if at all possible. The new season is coming up and I need to look fresh when I’m in the new stadium.

Speaking of the new stadium, we’d really like cup holders in The Wall. We need places to put our beer while we clap along to “La Grande Victoria”. I know there has been much debate as to whether or not we will have cup holders and the ILF members page has had daily picture updates, so if you could make that happen it would be great. #CupHolderWatch2016

Another thing I’d love for you to be able to give me this year is for you to move The Tree from Lake Beardall over to our tailgate spot at the new stadium. That tree has brought many a great memory over the years and it would be sad if we didn’t have it next year. You should be able to get the reindeer and an elf or two to help you move it no problem.

I don’t just want things for myself this year, oh no. I’m not selfish. I’d like for you to bring Orlando City a few gifts as well. They desperately need a defender or three. The back line was made of swiss cheese last year. We need lots of help. Please please please send a defender that knows how to mark a man. And isn’t wheezing running down the field. And if you could give us a supporter’s shield and MLS Cup next season that would be good too. 

Give my love to Rudolph and I hope you have a safe flight!

Love, Bo”


We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and very Happy New Year! Don’t forget to your 2017 ILF Membership if you haven’t gotten it already. And buy one for a friend or two!!