Cold Ones

Supporters Derby Day!

It's the day Orlando City supporters look forward to every year! No, they didn't recalculate the standings and Orlando City hasn't been placed in the playoffs and are preparing for a playoff semifinal. It's much more important than that. For today it's the annual Orlando City Supporters Derby. ILF and Ruckus will do battle for bragging rights and the trophy (that doesn't exist but I'm sure will at some point in the future). ILF is the defending champ after crushing the Ruckus 20-4 in last year's matchup. But it's a whole new ballgame as this year it will be a full field, 11 v. 11 match as compared to last year's indoor affair.  

As for the matchup ILF return much of the squad that dominated in all facets last season. The boys in purple's vaunted back line, led by stud keeper Steve O, will look to stop any Ruckus attack so they can get the ball quickly up field to star striker Ralf "I'm Not Grape" Lance.  

On the other side of the pitch The Ruckus appear to be in turmoil. Sources tell us that numerous star players have been left off the Ruckus squad. There are even rumors that we may see an appearance by "My Lord" on the ILF sidelines. But don't count out The Ruckus just yet. They must have a few tricks up their sleeves to leave off talented players like Tim "Sure Hands" Allen.  

It should be a fun matchup. So get down to MLK Park Field 1 in Winter Park at 6 p.m. for tonight's kickoff. Or don't. Whatever. It's your life. Miss out on all the fun and have to read about it on Facebook and Twitter later. Your loss. See you on the pitch!