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OCB Thirsty....

I'm not sure what is going on with our OCB footballers in Melbourne but by all indications they are thirsty.  

Apparently OCB footballer Alexis Garcia is making moves via social media asking one of our unnamed ILF married female members to dinner.  We in the ILF do not frown on this sort behavior.  We encourage it.  Respect papa.  Those that don't play the game, never win.  We are sorry your flirt game ways got you on the ILF blog but we sincerely respect the effort.  Do work brah.  Out of every 4 that say no 1 will say yes.  It's a simple math equation.

Alexis Garcia goes from biochemist to Orlando City.

Alexis with ILF in Austin, TX. 

Alexis with ILF in Austin, TX. 

While focusing on academics at UT Austin last Spring, Alexis Garcia still had the goal of becoming a pro soccer player in the back of his mind. After hearing that several MLS scouts would be at a tournament in Austin, he decided to join the UT club team after many early mornings of merely training and playing intramurals. 

He scored four goals in four games. Orlando City was hooked. 

He was invited to train with Orlando City youth teams that were in town too. 

He scored four goals in four games...again. Orlando City offered him a delayed contract to finish school. 

Fast forward to 2016 and Alexis Garcia is set to join Orlando City B in May as our newest Lion. 

Look forward to seeing you soon in purple, brother! 

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