Orlando City v. NYRB: Match Recap

Your #1 most trusted Orlando City blog is back with another banger bringing you a recap of Orlando City's win over that team named after a subpar energy drink.  


Playoffs? Playoffs?! 

Yes this was only the fourth match of the season but the Lions are roughly a quarter of the way to the point tally (41) they achieved in 2016 in which they missed the playoffs by 1 point. There are still plenty of matches to be played but with the game in hand against New England in the fall, Kaka returning in the next month or so this team needs to have their eyes set on playoffs and nothing else. Plus I just like saying "Playoffs? Playoffs?" in my best Jim Mora voice. 

Spectors Back Pocket: 

Many are already calling him our best signing of the season and while I personally would give that to Will Johnson, I can't doubt how brilliant Jonathan Spector has been for us in his short time in Orlando. Guys like Kaka, Rivas and Barnes will get you on your feet but Spector is the type of player you'd let your daughter go on a date with and have home by 9. The man literally clears everything in the box, if an asteroid was plummeting to Earth I'd feel confident that Spector would clear it. The best part about Spector is that he's made everyone on his line seemably better. Guys like Jose Aja and Tommy Redding have looked class when paired with him and I'm sure Bendik will be sending him a nice Christmas card later this year.

Rivas Island: 

Frustrating at times? Yes. Capable of moments of brilliance? Hell yes. During warm ups Rivas was seen launching balls 20 stories high and all the way to Orange Avenue but once the match kicked off Rivas put on a wonderful display of skill that had many in the stadium drooling and European clubs ready to open their pocketbooks. There's days when Rivas is on his game and he's the most talented player on the pitch and there's also days when he's the most frustrating player and you want to punch yourself in the face. Turning 23 later this week, Rivas still has time to work on his shot and when that day comes watch out, boys and girls.

New Faces: 

Six Lions players were involved in the match yesterday that weren't here at the end of the 2016 season. This team is quickly being molded to Jason Kreis's vision and early results are proving that. Toia has thrived at left back, a position that's been a revolving door the past two seasons. Spector and Will Johnson have provided coverage for Bendik that he's long deserved. Early showings from Scott Sutter and Luis Gil are good, while Giles Barnes has brought a new energy and passion to the attack that Orlando City has needed. Again, we're only 4 matches into the season and there's still a high possibility that the shit hits the fan in the upcoming summer months but there's definitely a different feeling about this squad.

Next Up:

The LA Galaxy roll into town next Saturday for a sold out showdown in Orlando. Last time LA came to town, we opened a can of whoop ass with a 4-0 victory at the Citrus Bowl in 2015. Losing 3 of their first 5 matches sounds nice and all but clubs in the past have loved coming to Orlando in bad form and turning up against us. Things feel different in Orlando nowadays and my gut tells me we can add another 3 points to our tally on Saturday.


Vamos Orlando! 





Orlando City SC on verge of signing Center back, Jesús Idnumag.

The Orlando Sentinel reported earlier that Orlando City were close to signing a desperately needed Centerback from a first-division league in Europe. Since that news broke, we have reached out to numerous sources within the organization as well utilized the services of Alvarado & Fox Private Investigations to discover who this new signing might be. We can now say with 100% confidence that Orlando City SC will be signing Jesús Idnumag from PSV in the Dutch Football League. If you're pulling up FIFA17 to find out Idnumag's stats we already have you covered. Idnumag is rated a 77 in FIFA17 with a 72 Pace, 70 Shot, 81 Pass, 76 Dribble, 87 Defense and 73 Physical. Idnumag has been a highly sought after centerback since his days in the River Plate academy. Known for taking smoke breaks and drinking Corona's while his team is up field, Idnumag has come under a lot of scrutiny for his playing style but we here at ILF are already big fans. We are very much looking forward to seeing Jesús Idnumag debut his skills at centerback in our new stadium in 2017!



Supporters Derby Day!

It's the day Orlando City supporters look forward to every year! No, they didn't recalculate the standings and Orlando City hasn't been placed in the playoffs and are preparing for a playoff semifinal. It's much more important than that. For today it's the annual Orlando City Supporters Derby. ILF and Ruckus will do battle for bragging rights and the trophy (that doesn't exist but I'm sure will at some point in the future). ILF is the defending champ after crushing the Ruckus 20-4 in last year's matchup. But it's a whole new ballgame as this year it will be a full field, 11 v. 11 match as compared to last year's indoor affair.  

As for the matchup ILF return much of the squad that dominated in all facets last season. The boys in purple's vaunted back line, led by stud keeper Steve O, will look to stop any Ruckus attack so they can get the ball quickly up field to star striker Ralf "I'm Not Grape" Lance.  

On the other side of the pitch The Ruckus appear to be in turmoil. Sources tell us that numerous star players have been left off the Ruckus squad. There are even rumors that we may see an appearance by "My Lord" on the ILF sidelines. But don't count out The Ruckus just yet. They must have a few tricks up their sleeves to leave off talented players like Tim "Sure Hands" Allen.  

It should be a fun matchup. So get down to MLK Park Field 1 in Winter Park at 6 p.m. for tonight's kickoff. Or don't. Whatever. It's your life. Miss out on all the fun and have to read about it on Facebook and Twitter later. Your loss. See you on the pitch! 


Halloween Costume Ideas: Orlando City Edition

Halloween is right around the corner, folks. What better way to show up to a Halloween party than as your favorite Orlando City player? We've got you covered with our best 7 Orlando City costume ideas! 


Joe Bendik - Brick Wall 

Donald Trump wish he had a wall like Bendik. Capable of magnificent saves and let's face it the guys jaw looks like it's made of brick. Joe Bendik is a bad hombre that we'd like to keep.  

Brek Shea - Brek Shea 

Lets face it, Brek is already pretty weird and a Brek Shea costume would speak for itself. Odd looking hair and questionable Instagram posts, this costume would sure get a lot of looks at whatever booze fest you attend. 

David Mateos - A Tree 

Self explanatory and not the good type of tree. Fair warning though, people will probably try to use you as a coat rack at your costume party.

Rafael Ramos - Daniel Sturridge 

Capable of moments of brilliance but spends most of their time in a ER wing? Yep. Don't try anything fancy at your Halloween party or you might end up injured for 6-8 weeks. Please take lots of selfies though. 

 Matias Perez Garcia - AntMan 

Roughly the same height, MPG packs a punch when he's on the pitch. Ceren who? Amiright? 

 Kaka - Mr. Smithers from The Simpsons

Come on now, Ricky is swimming in the dough. Both are worth boat loads of money and capable of getting people fired from their job. :) 

Carlos Rivas - Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks

Fastest kid alive but can't seem to finish? This costume will make sure that you get drunk the quickest but you'll end up going home by yourself at the end of the night. 



Happy Halloween & Vamos Orlando!