ILF Blog Exclusive: Area man leaves family to do errands

It is a sad day for the Doe family as they have to go on with their daily lives knowing they might not ever see their husband and father again. John Doe of Holly Hill, FL recently left his family of 3 in order to pursue a life of running errands. While this would catch many of us off guard, John's now former wife Suzy Q says she should've saw it coming. "He would talk about errands in his sleep and would come home at odd hours of the night" in an exclusive interview with Suzy Q Doe. She says that it was 3 years ago when she asked her ex husband to pick up milk and go to the post office that she noticed a difference in him. "He started getting more and more excited about errands and then it got to the point he replaced family vacations with running errands" proclaimed Suzy Q. John left behind two daughters named Cindy Lou and Myrtle, while one of the daughters declined an interview and told us "Talk to my lawyer" and threw a stuffed animal at us. Cindy Lou went on record saying that "He was a good dad but when he started calling us Errand 1 and Errand 2 it got a little weird." The last information we have about John is a Facebook status of a check in to Publix saying "Errands!!!!!!!" with several heart faces. Let's hope for the Doe family's sake that John returns one day as his current whereabouts are unknown.