Developing Story: Orlando man can't stop saying how much he hates Chelsea

An east Orlando resident is in hot water after a string of hate emails led to his termination from his job. Steve Bolt 54, of east Orlando was recently released from his place of employment after numerous hate emails stating "I hate Chelsea." At first many of his coworkers took it as a joke until Chelsea Mierda was recently hired and the emails were looked at in a different light. "We never paid him any mind" says Cuarto Lugar of Kissimmee a friend of Mr. Bolt. "It wasn't until he flew a banner saying "I HATE CHELSEA" over my wedding reception that we started to think to ourselves how much he hates Chelsea." Numerous colleagues of Steve's stated that he'd text them throughout the day and even call them until the early hours of the morning to remind them of his hate for Chelsea. Mr. Bolt wasn't immediately available to comment but in an email to the ILF Blog he stated "I just want the whole world to know how much I hate Chelsea." One thing is for certain, this man won't stop telling us he hates Chelsea for a long time to come.