NYCFC Away: Travel Guide

Are you going to New York City this weekend for the Orlando City match against Man Citeh B? Well we've got the perfect travel guide for your Memorial day weekend in New York. 



The City that never sleeps isn't relatively known for it's breakfast but after doing some research we came across the perfect breakfast spot to get your Away days trip going. While this breakfast spot involves quite a bit of travel, we promise you won't be disappointed. 1 hour and 45 minutes south of Manhattan in Freehold, NJ is the most delightful breakfast joint known as Golden Corral. Never short on options, you'll leave Golden Corral with your mates ready to take on the World.


While there might not be a whole lot to do in the Big Apple, we interviewed numerous former New York residents and after months of research we were able to come across a few things to do while wondering the city. We suggest starting off with a visit to the Statue of Liberty. Created in 2009, the Statue of Liberty in New York is a direct replica of the original Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas. After a quick stop at the Statue of Liberty, a walk through Manhattan seems like a great way to work off all those waffles you had at Golden Corral. In Manhattan, you can stumble across the real life versions of Spiderman, Captain America and Elmo. Most of these characters have had movies made about their daily lives where they didn't receive any of the profits, so it'd be wise to get a picture with them and give them a few bucks.


After trips to the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan, it's time to grab some lunch. Some say that New York has great pizza, so we'll suggest you go that route. You'll want to pass by all the the wannabe local New York spots and head straight towards a big sign that says Sbarro. It's more of a locals secret spot so you might have to wait in line for awhile.

Attractions Continued:

Full of pizza, it's time to go swimming! After making a quick stop at your Holiday Inn to grab your swim trunks and beach gear, you're ready for a swim in the Hudson River. You may come across a few signs that say "Not Safe For Swimming" but don't mind those, those are just there to keep tourists out. After a nice swim in the Hudson, you're going to want to dry off and head on over to Dairy Queen, a New York staple for Ice Cream.


New York City is truly the City that Never Sleeps which you'll soon find out after your first night out on the town. On 42nd St. you'll find an awesome spot for dinner and drinks, Applebee's. Known for it's organic and locally grown foods, Applebee's has taken New York by storm since opening in 2014. Applebee's has made a name for itself with it's fresh local mozzarella sticks. After dinner, Applebee's really gets the party started with karaoke by the bar where you can find local up and coming artists such as The Strokes and Jay-Z perform on a nightly basis.  

In conclusion, New York City isn't the best of away trips but with our travel guide we think you'll have a grand time in the Big Apple. 

I'm Out! 

Vamos Orlando!