FaceTime and chill?

On the eve of a highly anticipated matchup between Orlando City Soccer Club and the Philadelphia Union, the ILF's barra brava spies have supplied us with an interesting story.  It appears as though a local area Orlando Pride and Orlando City superfan has recently been chummy with the captain of the Pride squad, Alex Morgan.

There was no transcript provided of their conversation because it actually took place over the Apple iPhone's FaceTime feature.  

Speculation on my part took place, until the aforementioned barra brava source furnished the proof upon request:


Not much additional information was provided with the exception that they get along very well and have things in common.  What we seek is whether the conversation was of a friendly or romantic nature.  It's said that the area man is known to be quite affectionate but extremely light-hearted and sociable as well.

Any readers out there with additional information either about the exchange or the unidentified male, please feel free to share in the comments section.  You may withhold your name if necessary.