Holiday spirit alive and well in downtown Orlando


We here at the ILF News tower have received multiple reports of a despondent young man at The Patio, a bar on Washington Street, being fairly unapproachable and verbally abusive to himself between the hours of 8pm and 11pm on Thursday night.  One passerby mentioned great concern as they witnessed the man being asked if he'd placed a wager on a nationally televised football game showing in the establishment, to which the individual responded, "I bet my life on this game."


It seemed as though the result did not turn out in the individual's favor, but grasping his beverage the man proceeded to raise his as well as the crowd's spirits by dictating the musical moods for the remainder of the evening.

Witness the musical stylings of the man known only as Grape La Flame every Thursday for TYS at The Patio's Jungle Room and most especially on New Year's Eve at The Social from 10pm-2am.

Happy Holidays.