2016 Will Open Against NYCFC at the Citrus Bowl

We have no credibility.  I get it.  You have every right to take nothing we say seriously.  Our blog is thus far full of utter nonsense written with the intention to make you either laugh or incite phony anger and outrage over us mocking the entire amateur blog culture that takes itself far too seriously and is mostly full of bullshit analysis and dopey opinions.  If we achieve either, we have reached our goal.  Based on the 25,000 hits we have received in the first two weeks, we have at least succeeded at garnering attention.

This blog however was not created with the sole intention of pissing people off with satire or a cheap chuckle.  We from time to time will also have morsels of truth from we wish to share with our followers and members.  Today happens to be one of those days.  

Based on an anonymous source we have at the Major League Soccer front offices it has been confirmed to us that the season opener for OCSC next season will be at the Citrus Bowl against NYCFC.  We will be seeing the likes of David Villa, Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo in Orlando this March to kickoff the 2016 campaign.  Orlando City was given the option by MLSHQ to play whoever they wanted for the season opener.  We chose our rivals from the Bronx. 

While the MLS schedule is largely still to be determined, the opening game for Orlando City has now been confirmed to us by two separate independent sources.  

The boy who cried wolf has finally delivered.  You're welcome.