Barra Brava Christmas List

A few days away from Christmas and I'm certain there are still those wracking their brain, stressing out over last-minute gifts for their beloved TBBs.  Here are some helpful suggestions:




A TBBs favorite Christmas beverage is one rich in alcohol content, and with coquito that is no exception.  A Caribbean variant on traditional egg nog, the ingredient of choice in this is typically Puerto Rican rum.  There are numerous recipes on how to make your own batch available on Google, but one could just as easily commission my Titi Lydia to have some ready for their holiday festivities.


Adidas Samba  


At any ILF function, prematch tailgate, Publix sub run, you'll see these versatile sneakers on the feet of various TBBs.  Sturdy enough to stand a weekly beating in the supporter's section, subtle colorways that may allow one to wear these shoes at work, and serviceable for indoor soccer play.  There is no shortage of reasons why Sambas wouldn't be on any Barra Bravas wish list.




Don't allow the header to mislead you, the smoke in question doesn't refer to Lake Beardall's Finest™, but rather smoke that can be deployed in the throes of a post-match victory celebration.  Expect purple to be at a premium.


ILF Merch   


Lest we forget, with the closure of the year brings about exciting things.  Member meetups and planning for the next season.  What better way to get hype for the following season than to make certain you get the newest tees, caps etc?  To be fair, they go quickly so don't be afraid to purchase a backup.

Christmas is a time for giving as well, so don't be afraid to get your good friend or loved one a  2016 ILF membership.  

We wish you all a great holiday, and implore you all to drink responsibly as there's no shortage of safe rides or Uber codes.  We'd love to provide additional gift suggestions, however coquito taste tests are underway and the ILF Committee keeps quality control first and foremost.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.