ILF Member Spotlight...

For this inaugural edition of the ILF Member Spotlight, we profile Joshua Spickler.  Josh has been with the ILF from Year One.  This barra brava is notorious for his weekend long binges, sneaking in smoke bombs, wrestling fandom, his love of Chelsea FC and sharp wit.  

Spickler 1.jpg

Josh missed part of the 2015 campaign as he is currently working out of town on tour supporting a world renowned on-ice show.  Little known fact about Spickler: he has a Transformers towel that doubles as his curtains.  Respect.

                                                         OG Barra Bravas

                                                         OG Barra Bravas

Anytime this enthusiastic young lad is in town, he is sure to either be supporting Orlando City or partying after hours at one of our finer watering holes in the downtown area.  Respect Josh.  We look forward to you gracing us with your presence in 2016.