ILF Affiliates

The 407

The 407 is an independent Supporters Club for Orlando City.

We are a small group comprised of hardcore, passionate, dedicated, and most of the time intoxicated fans whose mission is to support and spread the word of Orlando City. The 407 occupy the first few rows of Section 121 in the Florida Citrus Bowl and contribute to the environment which makes the Citrus Bowl one of the toughest places to play soccer in the country for anyone that enters. The 407 tailgate hours before each game and can be found in Lot 11 on the edge of beautiful and immaculate Lake Beardall.


First to arrive, last to leave!

Torcida Orlando City Brasil

Founded in 2014, Torcida Orlando City Brasil is the official Brazilian supporters club for Orlando City. Beginning in 2015, the Iron Lion Firm entered into a formal partnership with the club to spread true supporter culture for Orlando City into Brazil. 




Founded in 2015, ILF Malta is the Iron Lion Firm chapter located in the European island country of Malta. They are the first European chapter in the Iron Lion Firm as we continue to spread across the globe. #ILFWorldWide